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At the dawn of the Christian church, the Apostle Paul wrote, "The Son is before all things, and in him all things hold together" (Colossians 1:17). In these pages, we will explore a variety of topics, but in all things will reflect on how it is Jesus Christ who is at the center of all creation and holds all things together by his power.

  • Jonathan Deatherage

Savior in our boat

When waters rise around us now,

Lord, take your stand upon our helm.

Silence wind and wave that rise;

Calm tempest that seeks to overwhelm.

In your kindness come unveil

The power of your might.

May your whisper calm the gale —

Give us hope through darkest night.

And when the morning dissipates

The naked fears of night,

In your mercy cover still

Faithless deeds done in fright.

Lead us when the daylight shines

And we forget the night.

Guide us to humility —

Into the grace of holy light.

Scatter shadows deep within

That haunt us in the sun.

Bring faith and love to drive out sin,

Light of life that's overcome.

Set our feet on solid ground

Once discipline is done.

Arms and legs now sure and sound,

Sanity, truth now leads on.

Praise you Savior in our boat,

For daily rescue from the night.

Praise you Christ who stills the storm

For grace that fills with holy light.

©2018 by Jonathan Deatherage