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  • Jonathan Deatherage

Prayer of Identity

Lord Jesus, the power of your life within us has made us completely new. By our union with you, our spirits are alive, and that life has brought metamorphosis.

By your Spirit, reveal to us the good things you have purchased on our behalf by your death and resurrection. May our minds rest in the truth of who we now are.

Teach us to live from the new, that your life might become the fountainhead of our thoughts, might lead the current of our emotions, and might direct the branching streams of our decisions.

You have made us your own. In your mercy, release us from the lies we have built around us. May the depth of your love for us give us the courage we need to cast off the false self. Anchor our hearts in the haven of your kindness.

As we rest in your love, O God, lead us into the joy of the Son, that we may receive deeply your delight in us. Spirit, fill us with the delight of the Father, that we may live fully alive as your sons and daughters — heirs of the abundance of Christ.

And, in your power, lead us to lavish that love onto those who walk beside us.

Through the loving grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

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